Flywheel 101 & Other Animations

During the summer of 2023, I interned at Flywheel Brands as a Motion Designer to bolster their video production abilities. Throughout my time there I created a couple different animated assets (shown down the page) as well as a few graphic design projects, but my main goal was creating a video that explained who Flywheel was to potential businesses and how we could help them. “Flywheel 101: Online Company Stores” is the culmination of this effort. I began by taking the presentation slideshow they give to prospective clients and generated an outline for the script. Then after formulating some ideas for the visuals, I created a storyboard for the video in my notebook. Eventually, this turned into a moving storyboard with a scratch audio that would inform Dustin, my art director (who was also my direct superior), what I needed from him visually. By dividing the video into scenes, I was able to animate them piece by piece as they came in from Dustin. This was a very effective system and worked out extremely well for the ebb and flow of each scene’s varying motion requirements. After picking out some music and re-recording the voice over, the video was finished after taking almost the entire summer. This was easily one of the most fulfilling projects I have undertaken as a designer. From getting hired based off of the Grand Duke video and never touching After Effects in my life, to now bringing a fully animated video from concept to completion and getting to work with some amazing people, I will never forget my time spent at Flywheel.

Examples of the original storyboard

This is the first piece of animation I produced for Flywheel. It is intended to be put at the end of any videos they create as a bookend and call to action for the brand.

Download Image

This animation was created for new Flywheel email signatures. It reuses a part of the stinger but adds a brand new out animation and “ticker” part to showcase what Flywheel does.

Download Image

Here it is in action:

Creating working email signatures with proper formatting is not for the for the faint of heart. I found after many days of research and headaches and it ended up working out perfectly; I highly suggest it.