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The Grand Duke Logos

Main logo of the Grand Duke. Download Image

Created as part of the branding for a local Gilbert & Sullivan troupe's 2021-2022 production of The Grand Duke, this t-shirt design is meant to be seen as the front and back of a playing card. The operetta's plot centers around two main characters' statutory duel, where playing cards are drawn instead of swords to determine who "lives" and who "dies."

The front design portrays these characters as the face cards they draw, a King and an Ace. Inspired by the intricate designs of Bicycle® playing cards, the back design is filled with patterns related to the operetta through design language (Greek inspiration, Theater masks). Limited to one color for printing, I worked to create contrast with detail and spacing.

Secondary logo of the Grand Duke. Download Image
T-shirt front of The Grand Duke
Primary Logo on Troupe T-Shirt
T-shirt back of The Grand Duke
Secondary Logo on Troupe T-Shirt