ART 101 – Drawing I

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Taken during my Fall 2022 semester, Drawing I was focused on still lifes and was the second studio class I had ever had at Murray State. I had never really drawn consistently before college but this class and its homework assignments got me into the habit of sketching more. This class helped develop my drawing skills and made me more confident in my abilities to capture real life on a 2D plane.

The piece to the right of this was our final project in the class. We were tasked with creating an autobiographical still life. I chose my Converse shoes, both as a reference to being an artist (since every artist I have ever known owns at least one pair of Converse or Vans) and my love of sneaker culture, as well as a ceramic hedgehog because of my unabashed love of hedgehogs.

“Pitcher,” Charcoal, 18X24 in, 2022
“Paper Airplane,” Charcoal, 18X24 in, 2022
“Three Value Blocks,” Charcoal, 18X24 in, 2022
“Five Value Blocks,” Charcoal, 18X24 in, 2022
“Fall Family Portrait,” Graphite, 18X24 in, 2022
“The Gallery,” Graphite, 18X24 in, 2022
“Dark Buildings,” White Conte, 19.5X25.5 in, 2022
“Circle Gesture,” Charcoal, 18X24 in, 2022