ART 201 – Drawing II

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Taken during my Spring 2023 semester, Drawing II served as a continuation of ART 101 – Drawing I I took the previous semester. Drawing II focused on drawing figures from live models as well as photo references for homework assignments. I had always wanted to draw human figures so this class was a lot more exciting compared to Drawing I. This class helped me gain a lot of confidence and I am excited to use what I learned in the future.

The piece to the right of this was our second outside of class project that also functioned as our final. The only stipulations were to portray a human figure and to draw it in a realistic manner. For my piece, titled “Moving Forward,” I chose to challenge myself and use pen as my medium. I had never really used pen to draw so it presented some unique challenges given how every stroke is permanent. Thankfully, with a detailed sketch using mechanical pencil, I arrived at a piece I am very proud of. Overall, it took about 18 hours.

“Self-Perspective,” Charcoal, 18X24 in, 2023
“Alexus,” Charcoal, 18X24 in, 2023
“Pastel Portrait,” Pastels, 18X24 in, 2023
“Hair Portrait,” Charcoal, 18X24 in, 2023
“Clothing Portrait,” White Conte and Charcoal, 18X24 in, 2023
“Reclining Portrait,” Charcoal, 18X24 in, 2023
“Bones Two-Toned,” Graphite, 18X24 in, 2023
“20m Gesture,” Charcoal, 18X24 in, 2023